Webster's Definition: Whimsical: playfully quaint or fanciful, especially in an appealing and amusing way.

Coco, my mother and her grandmother name, is and never was a traditionalist.  She is all thinks whimsical including her holiday decoration.  She never cared about being conventional. She would take traditional red and green and add lime green and hot pink to it for a wild funky fun look.  My mom was the indoor version of Clark from National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation. She was my inspiration for creating unorthodox Christmas tree curations.  Here are a few of my favorite whimsical Christmas trees. I also added five ways to create a whimsical look to your Christmas Tree.

My sister, Emily, has the same Christmas loving spirit as our mom! What makes it different is the added peppermints which gives it that candy land meets sparkles vibe.  It is also a good example of not being afraid to add pink to a tree with red.  The silver sprigs also give it a full over the top Christmas tree finish.Whimsical Santa Tree

This is one of our favorite trees from Christmas past.  Mr. Clause is this inspiration for this pink and red whimsical Christmas tree.  The red and pink velvet ribbon covers the tree. We added the gift box ornaments and snowballs to give it a more playful look.  The large velvet bow topped it off.

Emilys whimsical tree

This is another one of Emily's trees. Black and white ribbon are a great base for a beautiful tree.  We added turquoise and hot pink glitter ribbon and sprinkled black and silver ornaments throughout.  The topper is full of colorful glittered sprigs giving that Christmas explosion look.

Whimsical Celebrity Tree

 If whimsical was a celebrity, it woul be this one.  This tree was created so that the more you look the more a story unravels.  The vinyl, velvet, and embroidered ribbon mixture gives this funky tree a base that doesn't make you feel stuck. Adding velvet bows and ornaments that help tell the story. Its an "all inclusive" tree.

Whimsical Black and White Tree

Black and White Stripes in the sprigs, ribbon, ornaments and the tree skirt all in one spot!  Adding pink velvet ribbon, silver sprigs and a few blue hollys and you have yourself a one of a kind whimsical masterpiece.

Whimsical Tree Angela

Angela, @beautygeek4 on Instagram, one of our Merrymakers created this foyer area.  She took nutcracker ribbon and added large nutcracker ornaments to complete the tree. We love how she used record covers as decoration on the wall.  Angela is an artist during the holidays. 

Whimsical Gingerbread

 This whimsical gingerbread creation was a blast to create.  We did an accordion fold with the ribbon and it ended up looking like Christmas candy.  The gingerbread men dance around the tree.  We used about 25 sprigs to create a topper that complimented the red and white striped bow.  This is the kind of tree that needs marshmallow sprigs! You can get the sprigs and ribbon on our site.


Five Ways to Create a Whimsical Christmas Tree

1. BLACK and WHITE: A quick way to bring a more fun look to your decoration is by adding black and white.  Whether that is through ribbon, sprigs or ornaments, try adding them in to your traditional decor. 

2. GLITTER SPRIGS: Try creating a topper with sprigs.  Taking three or four different types of sprigs and putting them at the top of a tree is an easy way to create an over the top whimsical look.

3. LARGE glittered ornament balls. They pack a punch and give depth to your whimsical Christmas tree.

4. COLOR: Just do it, add lime green or bright pink to your classic decoration.  Go slow at first and I promise you will be hooked to mixing looks.

5. FLOCKED: If you don't have a flocked tree add white branches or branches that have snow on them.  Bright colors pop behind a white greenery.

We would love to see your creations or hear how you make a whimsical look during the holidays.