Portland, Oregon

How charming!
My name is Angie and welcome to our collaboration of your holiday styling; one that is uniquely designed with your own vision, experiences, history and ultimately a reflection of you. I am born and raised in Portland, Oregon, and spent many beautiful seasons here where our spruce, noble, and fir trees flourish! I have the greatest love and passion for the charm of the holidays, and the individuality that comes with your décor. I have been styling spruce’s for over 15 years in both the individual and corporate space. I take such pride and passion in helping my clients experience the season in a way they can be proud of. We enjoy using all types of materials, mixing color, metals, glass, and fabrics. Individual and themed projects are also an area of expertise of mine, whereas I can integrate your specific requests including heirloom ornaments, and other trimmings that you already have but want to be integrated in a cohesive way. You don’t have to exclude those prized memories to have a beautiful display; I can do this with you! Because, after all, your decor is a celebration of how you and your family experience the holidays, and we want it to be the merry best!
Be Merry,