I believe that the art of Merrymaking comes from a deep love of celebrating the season.  The decor a person chooses is often associated with a favorite memory or a childlike experience and they don’t want to loose this in their theme.   For me, it's all about what makes each client vision unique.  There is so much variation from person to person, so being an effective merrymaker means being able to see the big picture and the ability to pull it together in a really collaborative way.   Often times I am asked to take a theme and integrate it around other pieces that may not be of the same look, so it really takes some creative manipulation of the space and trimmings to make it all look cohesive.  I take such pride and passion in helping my clients experience the season in a way they can be proud of!  I enjoy using all types of materials, mixing color, metals, glass, and fabrics.  I have the most fun doing themed projects where I can integrate special touches by way of ribbon, ornaments, and other trimmings that may not normally be seen in the mix.  Because, after all, your decor is a celebration of how you and your family experience the holidays, and I want it to be the merry best!
Travel Area:  Up to 50 miles from Portland