I’ve always had Merry blood running through my body!  The traditions, the lights, the sounds and tastes of Christmas have dazzled me since I was a little boy.  It was my great grandmother’s favorite holiday and seeing her home draped and decked with all the Christmas trimmings made me into the Merrymaker that I am today!  I’ve come to enjoy even the smallest details because of her.  I pride myself in my ribbon work.  I’ve had LOTS of practice making sure that every inch of ribbon is used.  I love the way a good quality ribbon makes a tree look!  The mood that it sets in a room makes me over joyed.  I’ve worked for the big designer Christmas stores so I’ve learned the ins and outs of how to make a tree look it’s absolute best! 

Travel Area:  All of Texas!  I’m a traveler and I love to bring the Christmas spirit to the state of Texas!  I’m also willing to travel to other states if it means making someone’s home beautiful!